1997 Toyota Celica • 174,000 miles

Ok my car is running like crap it spits and sputters bad and will even die usually only when I go to reverse. I cant seem to find out what would make it do this. It doesnt do it after I get it up and going it tends to do it when I first give it gas to go for a bit then it quits then ill stop and give gas and it will do it for a bit then quit. What could this be thanks
October 21, 2012.

That's typical when air enters the engine that didn't go through the mass air flow sensor, then the Engine Computer doesn't know about so it doesn't request enough fuel to go with that air. Check the tube between the mass air flow sensor and throttle body for leaks or cracks. They often flex when the engine rocks during acceleration causing those leaks to open up. Also look for leaking vacuum hoses or intake manifold gaskets.

Oct 21, 2012.