1997 Toyota Camry • 145,000 miles

I camry suddenly lost power while going 65 on the highway, when I pulled over it would not go in drive for more than a few feet, we let the engine cool down then re-started it we could hear it change gears from rev-drive 2 put it would not accelerate for more than a few feet. I have not hsd the transmission fluid checked, I just got the car a few months ago from my dad after he passed away. Any suggestion, could this be costly re-pair
November 28, 2012.

It sounds like the clutch packs are bad or the torque converter is bad. Make sure you take it to a transmission specialty shop and not a regualr repair shop. AAMCO tends to be over-priced so use the internet to find a tranmsission specialist near you.
It does sound like you need a complete overhaul which could be, $1800-$2700.