1997 Porsche Boxster • 90,000 miles

I replaced a transmission cooling valve and washed down the cold engine as it was dirty, now my front two radiators fans will not work and the engine fan will not work no power to them (per volt meter at the plugs) the fuses are good. With the A/C on the front fans come on but stop as soon as the A/C is turned off. Where is there a connector I can check or were do they get power? A wiring diagram of the cooling system would be helpful.

November 2, 2012.

I am attaching all the information on the cooling fan system from our service manual. There is some basic descriptive instructions and 2 FIGs refenced in said instructions. I am also including wiring diagram, FIG7, of the cooling fan circuit. The only thing I can see that could have gotten wet, more than likely, is the control unit at the top left of FIG7. Check it and see if it has condensation in it. Otherwise you will have to trace the other components that could have gotten wet when you cleaned the engine.