1997 Plymouth Voyager • Automatic •

Our coolant fan won't turn off. It continually kept going when car is turned off. We had to unplug battery so it wouldn't run all night. Is this something that can be fixed or replaced and how much roughly would it cost?
April 16, 2011.

Check for a sticking coolant fan relay/

Apr 16, 2011.
Not sticking in this case, but shorted. In response to customers' silly whining that "they can hear when the fan turns on", which you would think would be a good thing, the engineers now use a computer module to slowly ramp up the fan speed. Since we all know how insanely stupid and unreliable most computers are, it's no surprise that the radiator fan relay is no different. It lives halfway down the driver's side of the radiator on the core support.

First check to see if the two mounting bolts are broken. That will cause the module to overheat and can burn your hand. I sell used ones at a huge old car show for ten bucks. Not sure what a new one goes for. You can find them in the salvage yard on Neons too. Be sure it is mounted solidly to the body sheet metal or it will overheat and short again.

Apr 16, 2011.