1997 Opel Kadett • 250,000 miles

How do I adjust the hand brake?
August 12, 2012.

Our database does not have any information on your vehicle so I do not know the system used.

Generally hand brakes does not require adjustments as they have self-adjusting mechanisms to keep the height within a certain level. If the handbrakes are ineffective, they can be due to improperly adjusted handbrake cables, stuck/seized cables, stuck calipers, seized/leaking slave cylinders or worn shoes.

For cable adjustment, there are usually 2 type. One is at the handbrake lever. At the end og the cable there would be an adjusting nut. Tightening it would shorten the cable and reducing the height but if it is adjusted too tight, the self-adjusting mechanism would not work.

For the other type you would need to get under vehicle to adjust where the cable branches to each side of rear brakes.

Aug 12, 2012.