1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass • 185,000 miles

How to disable the alarm in a 1997 oldsmobile cutlass supreme sl 3.1 v6. I do not have the key fob when I bought the car nor do I have door key. The horn its self isnt going off (i think someone unplugged it) but the parking light flash and I can hear a ticking. It does it when doors or trunk opens or I hit the car or when moving faster than 5 mph.
im hoping to buy the keyless entry buttons very soon and hope it can shut it off. But I would like them off now
Not a car expert
November 20, 2012.

So are you guys really not going to help me. I bought a keyless fob buttons but still not shutting it off. Please help me shut this off. It's a factory alarm system

Not a car expert
Nov 26, 2012.