1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass • 180,000 miles

My car wouldnt start at the gas station and I come to find out it was most likely the fuel pump. Because I was not geting gas to rail and I could start the using carb cleaner in the throttle body. When replacing the fuel pump the electrical connector was fried and burn the top of the pump. After getting it replaced and put to gether I went to start it and still no gas geting to the fuel rail. I can her the pump turn on and can feel the relay click on. Unscrewed the fuel filter and a little gas dribbled out of it but thats it
i replaced the fuel filter, the fuel pump and the quick connect rubber hoses with regular high pressure rubber hoses. And replaced the electrical connector I didnt change the sock/filter that was on the bottom of the pump. And thats probobly what you will say is the reason why but I plan to change that when I take the tank out again to fix the problem. But if not the sock filter what else could be my problem. Thanks in advance
February 14, 2013.

Are you sure the pump is good? Remember, just because you hear it running doesn't mean it is good. When you remove the tank, check to make sure it is getting 12 volts of power. Based on everything you have done, it sounds like you got a bad pump. Double check it when it is out of the vehicle.

Yes ive thought about it being a defective fuel pump. When I take the tank out ill check that then most likely replace pump and the sock. You cant think of anythi.G else. I would think if the pump was bad it wouldn't bring the little amount of gas into the fiilter and lines

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Feb 14, 2013.
I could be faulty and unable to build the pressure needed. It could be the sock is plugged too. Let me know what you find when you remove it.