1997 Nissan 180SX • 144,000 miles

Hi, just cleaned the throtle on my nissan cefiro A32 engine model 1997, i've notice that the idling went up to 1000rpm and eats a lot of gas. How can I adjust the idling maybe 800 or 850 rpm and can you show me where would be the exact location where I need to do the adjustment.

Thanks, Sonny
February 28, 2012.

If the ; linkage is not getting caught up on something, the idle is not really adjustable.
Idle issues are genrally from a failing Idle Air Control Valve, IACV or sometimes a throttle position sensor, TPS.
Usually it is the IACV and sometimes cleaning the throttle body and the valve helps.

Thanks for the advise, is the tps adjustable or should it be replaced.


Feb 28, 2012.
The TPS is adjustable on some models. If you have JDM, it may be. You will have to look on it and see if there is a, "slot" to be able to move it. You may even have to drill out rivets. You can get one from Blox for around $35 shipped. You will probably have to go to an enthuisiast forum to find out how to calibarate if they are non-adjustable from factory as they won't print info.
Try to adjust it first, but unless something has knocked it around lately it will probably need replacement. Try horsepowerfreaks. Com or swapshop. Com for BLOX TPS.