1997 Mitsubishi Galant • 4 cylinder Automatic • 123,757 miles

My 97 Mitsubishi Galant is having transmisson problems check engine light came on obd code is P1750 solonoid issues and wont let me go into overdrive once I hit 50 mph the chrck engine come on and now it slips a lil. Frim 2nd to 3rd gear also when in park it revs up by itself
April 26, 2011.

Our database does not have any list for OBD-II codes for the transmission system.

Manually retrive the troubl codes and let me know what it is.

Voltmeter or LED light method.

1. Locate diagnostic connector, to the right side of steering wheel under the instrument panel. Install voltmeter/LED light between ground terminal No. 4 or No. 5 and diagnostic output terminal No. 6. See Fig. 8.

2. Turn ignition on. Note fluctuations of voltmeter needle ( oor LED blinks)to indicate DTC. The first fluctuation indicates first digit of DTC. Following fluctuations indicate the second digit of DTC. See Fig. 9. Record DTC in order displayed.

Let me know what they are and I will get the necessary information for you.

Apr 26, 2011.