1997 Mercedes Benz 320sl • 64,000 miles

I have a whining noise when turning the steering wheel while stopped or barely moving also a fuel smell in garage. Mercedes SL 320

November 19, 2012.

Check power steering fluid level and check for any signs of fuel stains or leakage around the engine and at the fuel tank, start here.

Nov 19, 2012.
Check around the ps area for signs of fluid leakage, if you find any greasey area then your O-rings are bad they need to be refreshen, and no you do not need to take then apart as this can be very hard and costly to your pocket books. But if you do have a deep pocket then have at it, but if dont like myself here ; then Lucas is the way to go works every time.I had the same problem but uncle took care of it. Now as for gas you're smelling in a closed place such as your garage could means two things your fuel filter hose is faulty or your secondary pump which located under the vehicle at right rear is faulty or hoses are to be blame. But this is easy to diagnose. Next time you fill up pay close attension to how fast your gas depletes when you know you haven't driven that much. Good luck

Jul 8, 2013.