1997 Lincoln Continental • V8 FWD Automatic • 68,500 miles

I would appreciate someones best advice on easiest method to replace the tensioner pulley on a 1997 lincoln continental
June 15, 2011.

I'll answer myself in case somwone searches. The tensioner assembly comes out with a torx40. We used a long torx40 bit. First you need to remover the bolt in frame gusset, and remove any bolts that hold the power steer & windshld washer filler neck in place so you have some room for your hands & arms. Best to do while engine is cool/cold unless it is winter out. Put the torx bit in a 1/4 socket and insert the business end into the torx bolt and let the socket rest on the vehicle frame. Use a 1/4 wrench to loosen the torx bolt, then work it out by hand. Same method to change belt. Find someone with small hands. Its tight down there.

Jun 17, 2011.