1997 Lexus ES • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 110,000 miles

1997 Lexus ES 300. Hot months only. 55mph or higher. Car begins to shake. Release the gas, still shakes slightly. Apply brake, car shakes rather violently. Must come to a complete stop before shaking ceases. Started happening after new tires put on. Have had the tires aligned, balanced (road force), and rotated. Brakes have been serviced. New rotors installed. Seems to be worse at the left front of the car - through the steering wheel. Please help, don't know what to do next. Thank you so much.
Jill Tetsworth
June 25, 2011.

Yes, I agree with checking the suspension components and drivetrains, espcially the axle inner joints.

Jun 26, 2011.