1997 Land Rover Discovery • 150,000 miles

My discovery cranks after patting the gas and fair but seems to be a little rich. After taking off runs more rich and begins to flood. Hard to keep running when stopping and may not stay running due to flooded? Point me in a direction this is my first landrover. Thanks in advance
January 19, 2013.

First, check fuel pressure. Get us that number so we can tell if it is good.

Are there any codes? Give them too us if there are. There should be from your description.

Lastly, it sounds more like the engine may not be breathing right from possible bad cat converters. Get the back pressure checked to verify


Jan 19, 2013.
I forgot to mention that the tranny is not down shifting. Im not sure if its vaccumed and if so could that be causing the problem with it running. If not what needs to be done to get her down shifting?

How do you check the back pressure>?

Thanks Ill be getting the pressure on the fuel rail and be back with you

Jan 20, 2013.
Hi all I had to put working on my discovery for a bit but now I am back on the job. I have checked the pressure on the fuel rail. After cranking pressure is running about 25-28 pounds but when shutting motor off it loses all pressure. I figure ive got an injector stuck open but im a complete rookie so what do I need to do from here. And if it is an injector how do I figure out witch one? Also there was a code p1316 witch I think was due to a loose wire but not sure I erased it and so hopefully it will not come back. Thanks ahead for your help.

Feb 9, 2013.
To add to last post the pressure is lost as soon as truck is turned off.

Feb 9, 2013.