1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee • 138,800 miles

How you doin. I have a problem with my grand Cherokee. Now as a mechanic my self ive done a large number of repairs to this car for my mom and recently we did a bit of an overhaul on it. New springs, shocks, dampers, tires, joints and bushings, and brakes all the way around rotorsand pads. Then we got this rrubbing wooping sound in the rear so I checked it out and noticed brake rotor to pad rubbing so I checked wheel bearings and they were not the greatest (alot of play) so we replaced them thinking with the new ones the sound would stop. Well now it still happens but only after a bit of driving (when things have warmed up) I know its brake related but I cant think of what it would b ive switched the rotors to see if that would have an effect on the side the sound occurs but it hasnt. And actually the sound is more prominent after the bearings have been changed. Im leaning towards getting new rotors again thinking these ones are faulty/warped but id like an opinion. Another thought is the pads or the caliper bracket. Would shims help the pads I bought didnt have any with them so im unsure if its a possibility. Thank you and hope tto hear back soon.
July 5, 2013.

I read your post and am a little confused. You mentioned that the brakes are rubbing. Do you mean they are rubbing the rotor? Does this vehicle have the parking brake shoes built into the rotors on the rear?

Yes it has the parking brake in the rotor I should have mentioned that was also replaced because it was left on at one point with previous owner. And yes the pads are rubbing the rotor but it only happens when it gets hot after driving for a little while. Otherwise they are fine short distance. The parking brake was done at a shop along with the wheel bearings and thats when the wooping sound started to be noticeable. I know it has to do with the regular brakes due to the fact it varies depending on pedal pressure. Another detail is the brakes in the rear start to squeak heavily before the rubbing/wooping sound starts.

Jul 5, 2013.
It sounds like either you have a caliper sticking and overheating the brakes or the rotors are warped. Do you feel any pulsation when you use the brakes?

Dont feel any pulsing and as for the sliders on the caliper I cleaned them up and re greased them when I replaced them.

Jul 6, 2013.
You may have a piston in the caliper sticking or even a bad break hose that isn't releasing the pressure when you release the brake. If you put the rear of the vehicle up in the air, can you hear anything when you spin the wheels?