1997 Honda Civic • 13,500 miles

Was driving one day car just died towed home. Cranked over had 30psi compression test had head rebuilt new timing belt got spark checked with a spark tester got fuel put new filter old one was a little clogged now compression is 105-120psi still no start tachometer does not move when cranking has cel on but unable to read no power at dlc just got the car had it 3 weeks when it died only made it 2 blocks from home I am out of ideas at the point. New plugs wires cap rotors fuel filter timing belt headbolts headgasket new valves cleaned and lapped
March 8, 2013.

Remove the spark plugs and pump 2 cc of engine oil into the cylinders. Crank the engine for a few seconds, Reinstall the spark plugs and try starting.

For the sparks, ensure they are bright blue.

Try some starting fluids.

For DLC, terminal # 16 must have battery voltage. If none found, check the fuses. Use a jumper across terminal # 4 and # 9 and turn ignition switch on. Note if CEL stays on or blinks.

Mar 8, 2013.
Tried starting fluid 100's of compression was with a wet test ignition coil good replaced icm because tach does not move when cranking

Mar 9, 2013.
Wet test of 120 psi seems rather low for compression.
Ignition timing, valve timing and firng order are correct?
What color of the sparks when you test the ignition coil? Wel sparks are possible cause for non starting.
Did you perform the test as indicated to retrieve trouble codes manually?

Mar 10, 2013.