1997 Honda Accord • 195,000 miles

This is a 1997 Accord with 2.2L non-VTEC engine. Car stalls when coming to a stop when warm. Car runs fine at all other times. I have a 1994 Accord that I use to swap parts. I took the EGR valve off the 1994, cleaned it up and the stalling problem went away. After a while the check engine light came on - code 1491 - EGR system. I then bought a new Honda EGR valve. The car stalls with the new EGR, but there is no check engine light.
The vacuum hoses have all been replaced.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Bob's Wagon
December 29, 2012.

Did you clean the EGR passages under the EGR valve?
What is the idling speed? Did you try adjusting the idling speed?
If turning the A/C on and off affects the idling speed, have the throttle body and IAC cleaned and readjust the idle speed.

Dec 30, 2012.