1997 Honda Accord • 4 cylinder FWD Automatic • 137,000 miles

I have a 97 honda accord with a 4 cyl engine. My friend took the head off to do a valve job and after he put it back on, it did not start. He put the coil and distributor from a running car and it still cranks but it wont start. No spark at the plugs and the other car starts right up with the non starting honda distributor and coil. He has done a few civic and accords and they have always started. He checked all fuses and all checks out. He did clean the crank shaft sensor with brake cleaner and I did not think that was right. Helppppp!
January 5, 2011.

Are you getting power to the coil? Are you getting power to the crank sensor? Brake cleaner isn't the best choice for cleaning electronics. Can you switch the crank sensor to see if that is the problem? Have you double checked to make sure everything is reconnected and not loose (wiring)?

There is power to the coil. We will check power to the crank sensor. All of the wiring looks well connected. THe crank sensor is expensive and I wanted to make sure what to look for before replacing it. THe car started just fine before the head was taken off. There is a small gear to the right of the carnkshaft pulley.I want to make sure the mechanic working on it is sure. What is the function of it and where is the mark suppose to be at? If I ohm out the crank sensor, what kind of ohm range should it read? Thanks

Jan 5, 2011.
Can you upload a picture of the gear next to the crank pulley that you are refering to? Should it be run by the timing belt?