1997 GMC Safari

Engine Performance problem
1997 GMC Safari 6 cyl 225, 00 miles

Please, help me. I treid to change my spark plug wires for the first time. I was told to take 1 off at a time+ match sizes. The sizes didn't match up correctly. I think the 1st time I didn't put them on correctly. I tried the engine+ it had trouble turning over and starting, it started, but quickly stalled.
I then labeled all old and new wires according to where they were attatched and took all wires off to match up from smallest to longest. I re-attatched but with the same results. Finally I gave up and re-attatched the original wires, but the same result. Now, I'm hoping I didn't screw anything up and that I can fix the problem. Can you help me? Please?

October 14, 2010.

The replacement wires don't match up perfectly. You just have to figure out which are the longest and which are the shortest and lay them out accordingly.

Here is the firing order

Oct 14, 2010.
I have a 1995 gmc Safari and the firing order is not like that it shows number1 is were number 2 is

Dec 15, 2011.