1997 Ford Taurus • 130,000 miles

My car seems to not want to go anywhere when I put it in drive, it slowly starts to go and then spudders and then goes into gear and runs smoothly, all gears run great. Until I stop then it does it again and I usually have to drive extremely slow until it "catches" and then it runs fine again, the rpms look fine and it shifts like it should. When I put the car in reverse, it shakes and shudders then smoothes out. Ive been reading online that it sounds like the pressure solenoid is bad, should I spend the money on the part or could it be something else? Please help!
November 7, 2012.

When the last time you had the transmission serviced-could be low on fluid and clogged filter if okay bring it in and have the throttle and governor pressures checked this will tell you what's going on-

Nov 8, 2012.