1997 Dodge Neon • 123,000 miles

The car was running fine. I parked it for a couple hours, drove it a couple blocks and it just shut down while idle at the stop light and won't restart. What's the problem.
February 12, 2013.

There's dozens of parts that all have to work and you know we can't diagnose the bad one over a computer. Have you checked for spark? Fuel pressure? Does the engine sound normal when it is cranking? Crankshaft position sensors and camshaft position sensors often fail by becoming heat-sensitive, then they work again when they cool down for about a half hour. To have sat for a couple of hours, then not driven far enough to get warm yet is more typical of a broken timing belt, but there are a lot of other things to look at before assuming the worst. Have you checked for diagnostic fault codes?

Feb 12, 2013.