1997 Chevrolet Truck • V8 4WD Automatic •

1997 chevy 1500, 5.7v8. I have a blown lower intake manifold gasket. Have to remove the upper intake to get to the lower. All bolts removed, wiring harnesses and fuel lines disconnected. The manifold will slide around but it will not come off. What am I missing? It is plastic so it cannot be forced but it feels obvious that something will just not give.
February 15, 2011.

You should not have to remove that upper intake, which houses your injectors. You should be able to unbolt the 8 lower intake bolts and pull the intake off. Make sure you remove the a/c compressor out of the way and the bracket that it attaches to pulled so you have room to take the intake off. Also sometimes necesary to take drivers side valve cover off to assist in removing intake. Hope this helps

Feb 15, 2011.