1997 Chevrolet Camaro • 65,000 miles

Hi I just put in a brand new AC compressor. I did not connect the electric plug because I didn't have the system evacuated and or filled with refridgerant yet. The replacment went fine but after driving the car for a day. It looks to me like the pully is not turning and the belt is lightly squeeking. I am assuming the belt is streatched out and not grasping the pully enough to turn the pully. It is a surpentine belt. I was wondering if it could be a different problem. And if I could have hurt the bearing of the pulley by not charging it right away. I didnt think it would matter as long as I didnt connect the power. The car is a 1979 Camaro Z28 30th anniversary edition. 5.7. I am going to change the belt tomorrow, but wanted to get your opinion non the less. Thank You
Joe Con40 New York City
December 24, 2012.

If it's serpentine, replac ethe tensioner as well it may be weak k/bad.

Dec 24, 2012.