1997 Acura RL • 119 miles

I raised the vehicle and removed the left front wheel to check the brakes, after inspection was ok I replaced the wheel and let the vehicle down and hooked the neg battery cable back up and turned the key on and reset the security code. I then started the vehicle and put it in drive to move it forward to remove the chock from the back wheel, put it in park and removed the chock, got back in and put it in drive to go forward and moved forward a few feet and went to put it in park and it stayed in D4 but the shift lever moved into park and the indicator started flashing in D4. The manual said to put key in the slot next to the shifter and move shifter, but after moving the shifter to park the light stays flashing in D4 and the engine turns over but it won't start because in D4 and neutral switch won't let it start. How can this be fixed?
November 26, 2012.

When the D4 Light flashes, it means an error has been detected in the transmisison control system. You need to retrieve the trouble code to find out what is causing it.

Nov 26, 2012.