1996 Suzuki X90 • 63,000 miles

How big a job is it to install new timing belt
December 9, 2012.

No big deal if you know what you are doing.


1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove accessory drive belts. Remove radiator cooling fan, water pump pulley, and fan shroud. It may be necessary to drain cooling system and remove upper radiator hose to remove fan shroud.

2. Remove 5 crankshaft pulley-to-crankshaft bolts. Remove pulley. It is NOT necessary to remove crankshaft center bolt. Remove timing belt cover. See Fig. 1.

3. Rotate crankshaft clockwise to align timing marks. See Fig. 2 and Fig. 3. Stamped "E" or punch mark on camshaft sprocket must straight up. Loosen timing belt tensioner bolt and stud nut. Move tensioner away from belt, and hand tighten bolt and nut. See Fig. 4. If reusing old belt, mark belt with an arrow indicating direction of rotation for installation reference. Remove timing belt.

CAUTION: With timing belt removed, DO NOT turn camshaft more than 20 degrees in either direction from aligned position. To prevent piston and valve damage, DO NOT turn crankshaft more than 90 degrees in either direction from aligned position.

Dec 9, 2012.