1996 Pontiac Sunfire • 288,000 miles

96 Pontiac Sunfire, 2.2ltr, Manuel transmission, 288000kms
OK, from the beginning. Car was running normal with exhaust getting louder (needed new muffler) one day she was lacking power going up hills and on the throttle it self after coasting. I got diagnoses done. No codes until car was revved to 3000rpm (would not go pass 3000rpm)
1. Running rich
2. EGR
I then got new muffler and took off the Cadillac converter and replaced it with straight pipe also changed fuel filter and EGR. Still doing same, next diagnoses
1. Changed EGR
2. Changed plugs, good
3. Compression 140 cross the board
4. Checked fuel injectors and pressure, good
5. Checked all fuel pressure, good
Car is still running rough and like a granny, as soon as u want power it sounds like a misfire, you can push gas pedal down but nothing comes of it until you go granny speed again. Then it kicks in.
HELP we are stumped HeLP pLeAsE
January 23, 2013.

What is the exact fuel pressure?

Did you get the injectors serviced? Not an additive but a real service.

What are the codes?


Jan 24, 2013.
First diagnoses
1. Engine vacuum only 5-10 lbs
I just phoned in, the guy never wrote down the codes other then, Rich code and EGR code.
I will call again tomorrow when he is in

Second diagnoses
1. 45 lbs injectors
2. Rich code only comes up
3. Fuel regulator working properly
3. Fuel system pressure up to par
He took exhaust off at manifold, no plug in exhaust
That's all I could get this mechanic too say

Jan 24, 2013.
Engine vacuum way to low. Should be 18-20. Get a compression test done to all the cylinders.

45 lbs? Is that the actual pressure?

What rich code?

Jan 24, 2013.
The engine vacuum was that before I put on new muffler and straight pipe.
And they said it was 140 in all cylinders for compression

Yes 45lbs is what he said for injectors

The manager doesn't know which code the mechanic saw, I will phone in tomorrow

Jan 24, 2013.
EGR code p0401
Rich code p0172

Jan 24, 2013.