1996 Pontiac Grand Prix • 223,888 miles

The car is a 96 pontiac grand prix. The noise only happens when I am moving forward and only when I push on the gas. It does it in drive, over drive, 1st and 2nd. It does not do it when I am in reverse, neutral or park. I can push the gas all day in park and never hear a thing but as soon as I push on the gas to accelerate forward I hear the noise. If I am driving and I take my foot off of the gas it stops. Also I don't hear it once I hit a continuous speed of about 45 or so. That is unless I press the gas to go faster. If I just hold a speed I don't hear it. It seems like the only time I hear it is when the car has to work in order to move forward. If that makes any sense.
December 14, 2012.

Have wheel bearings and axles checked.

Dec 14, 2012.