1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass • 160,000 miles

What happens if a thermostat sticks open? Car temp doesn't get above 1/2 way on gauge and car will sometimes stall at idle. Fuel pump is 2 years old and haven't found any vacuum leaks. What else should I check on my son's car?
January 12, 2013.

Dash gauges are notoriously inaccurate but if yours is getting to half way, that's about normal. My gauge on my '88 Grand Caravan only gets to 1/4 scale in the winter but the heater can burn me out if I turn it all the way up. Your first clue is the heater will blow cold air for a long time, then it may eventually become slightly warm. Feel the heater or radiator hoses after the engine is warmed up. They should be too hot to hold onto for very long. If they are not, squeeze the upper radiator hose closed for a minute or two, then see if it gets hotter when you release it.

Jan 12, 2013.