1996 Oldsmobile Aurora • 4 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 136,000 miles

1996 Oldsmobile Aurora mileage: 136,000. Starting Problem: Excessive cranking two to three seconds before starting, after start rpm drops low, but engine recovers and does not stall, once started it runs fine at all speeds. Does not do it every time, but appears to more frequent now. I expect soon it just won't start.
November 9, 2010.

Scan the computer for fault codes and with the engine running, read the data stream coming from the sensors to the computer. One of the sensors may be out of range but still functioning. You can purchase a trouble code scanner that plugs right into your car's computer and see which codes are indicated. Once the failed parts are replaced you can clear your car's trouble codes with the same code reader

Nov 9, 2010.
This is your Fuel Pressure Regulator. And you won't get a code for this on the computer.

What's happening is: The FPR is designed to maintain fuel pressure, even when the car is turned off. This is so once you're ready to start the car again, there's fuel pressure already at the engine ready to go.

When the FPR goes bad, it'll leak the fuel back to the tank when you cut the engine off. So when you try to restart it, you have to wait till the pump can get the fuel back up to the engine. This is why you have the excessive cranking.

Ernest Clark
Nov 18, 2010.