1996 Oldsmobile Achieva • 130,758 miles

I have removed all of the lower dash n console wwere do I go from there in order to replace the heater core
January 4, 2013.


Disconnect battery ground cable.
Drain cooling system.
Raise and support vehicle.
Disconnect heater hoses from heater core assembly.
Remove drain tube.
Lower vehicle.
If equipped, remove console as follows: Apply parking brake and block drive wheels.
Position transaxle shift lever in Neutral.
On models with automatic transaxle, remove clip retaining shift lever handle to lever, then remove shift lever handle.
On models with manual transaxle, turn shift lever handle counterclockwise to remove from lever.
On all models, carefully pry upward on outer edges of console trim plate.
Disconnect electrical connectors and ashtray lamp from console trim plate, then remove trim plate from console.
Remove console to mounting bracket attaching screws, then remove console.

Right and left sound insulators.
Steering column opening filler.

Floor Air Duct Outlet

Floor air outlet duct.
Heater core cover.
Heater core mounting clamps and remove heater core.


Heater core and heater core mounting clamps.
Heater core cover.
Floor air outlet duct.
Right and left sound insulators.
Steering column opening filler.
Raise vehicle.
Heater hoses to heater core.
Drain tube to heater case.
Lower vehicle.
Negative battery cable.
Fill cooling system and check for leaks.