1996 Mitsubishi Galant • 183 miles

Replaced motor (used), new spark plugs. Overheating issue (did radiator flush and replaced thermostat), now. Engine bogs sometimes at stops and idle fluctuates until the car stalls. Car will start again from neutral position. Used to drive stick shift so used to driving with two feet LOL. No, seriously any suggestions? Single mom on very limited non existent budget. HELP!

Overheating could be a bad head gasket as you dont know the history.

Did you replace the timing belt prior to installation?

Check for vacuum leaks for the surging


Jul 10, 2012.
I have no smoke coming from tailpipe, no water mixing with oil. Timing belt was removed and my new one from the old engine was used. Drove it yesterday from New Kingstown to Camp Hill and only had slight overheating and no bogging (knock wood). Maybe if I had a clog in the cooling/heating system, it worked it's way loose? Could the issue be clogged fuel injectors?