1996 Mazda 626 • 109,000 miles

The check engine light went on, took it to the shop, they said it had all these problems like catalytic code, transmission code, and said it was not worth fixing since it wouldn't pass inspection this way. They reset it, and I've driven it around the light has not come on again (yet).
Are the codes thrown, because the engine light is on so Can these 'codes' come up even if the engine light is not on?
Is it possible for the engine light to come on accidentally or due to some out unexplained reason and there really is no problem?
There is no problem with the car that I as the driver can see/feel. It runs well, the oil, etc. Are changed every 3000 miles, front end lube, etc.
November 3, 2011.

No, the light comes on for a failure.
The cat code, when cleared, will take 3 monitor failures to set the light again. It may take several days but trust me, it will come back on.
The trans code is the same way, when it fails its own test it will set the code.

Before jumping to conclusions, get a bid on the repairs. Even if it is a thousand dollars, you cannot replace the car for that cost. It is not even sales tax on a new car. You are the only one that can make that decision.


Is it unsafe to drive the car? My instinct is to get it fixed, had the timing belt replaced, radiator seal to the water pump, water pump was replaced, major repairs 2 years ago. Is it still worth repairing it if both the catalytic converter and the transmission have to be replaced? Did you say around 1k to replace both?
I'm definitely donating, thank you for your very prompt reply.

Nov 3, 2011.
At this point, it sounds ok top drive but not forever. You should get it repaired but you can do it one at a time to lessen the money hit.

Get a bid from a shop, not the one you took it to, before moving forward.


Okay - I just wanted to post this and get a second opinion. I lent the car to a friend, when I got it back and put in a name brand gasoline 93 ultra, within a very short time, the light went off again and hasn't come back on. My question is could the no name brand of gasoline out there claiming to be ultra, have caused the light to go on? Or is there some other thing going on?

Jan 23, 2012.