1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee • 160 miles

Im looking into buying a jeep grand cherokee and I was wondering about any cmmon problems they have and if their worth having. My dad says theirjunk and gas hogs but a friend of mine has one and as far as I know hes not had any problems with it. I just need to know if ill b wasting my money buying one.
December 17, 2012.

If I wanted to own an SUV, I'd much rather own it than any GM, Ford, or import product. Most came with Infinity sound systems which are very nice and high quality. Charging systems are WAY more reliable than on any GM vehicle. Suspension system parts won't separate leading to loss of control and crashes that many Ford owners since the '70s are familiar with. You will have lots of unnecessary, unreliable computers, but those are no worse than on any other brand. Check if it has all-time four-wheel-drive. If it does, it is critical that you replace the tires with a matched set of four, never two new tires at a time. That's not so critical if you can shift it to two-wheel-drive mode.

Dec 17, 2012.