1996 Jeep Cherokee • 157,000 miles

Can I get the engine drawing with all parts labelled I have difficult cleaning sum parts such as the Crank position sensor TSp IAC since I cannot identify them.

1996 Jeep Grand cherokee 4.0 liter runs rough at times.
Would die when coming to stop or at low rpm. I would shift into neutral and I could start it and it would run again for a while. I feel that is fixed as I changed the crank shaft sensor and the problem seems to have went away. NOW I HAVE A DIFFERENT PROBLEM. The Jeep bucks at times and gets a miss fire code. Just drove it for 10 miles. At about mile five it started bucking but no code came up or check engine light. I drove it slow for a while and reved up the engine in netural and the bucking stopped. Drove the next five miles home ok.
Have replaced plugs, battery, Idle air control sensor, Throttle position sensor, intake cold air sensor, upstream and down stream O2 sensors, plug wires, distributor cap, rotor and cleaned throttle body with the sensors off to make sure I got all the areas clean.

Could it possibly be the crank sensor even though it is a new Mopar part. Or possible the water temp. Sensor. A mechanic changed out the cam shaft sensor and it did not make a difference and he put the old one back in. I'M LOST. HELP
January 4, 2013.

Scan for codes and check fule pressure first, low pressure can cause a misfire. You should never change parts with out scanning for codes first so you know what area to go to.

Jan 4, 2013.
My 96 Cherokee 4.0 was doing the same thing. TPS and Cam Pos Sensor changed, same problem. Replaced fuel pump and regulator, runs like a champ.

Jan 22, 2013.