1996 GMC Yukon • V8 4WD Automatic • 160,000 miles

Leaking washer reservoir 1996 gmc yukon
Deve 1957
January 25, 2011.

Chances are it is cracked.

I have a 95 Yukon and recently ad to replace the gasket on the washer tank. Yours may be broken or dried out. Check the gasket first before replacing the tank. The pumps on these are also notorious for working randomly, so your pump may be the actual source of the leak. The best way to check is to have someone else turn the washer fluid on while you have the hood open and are watching. If the fluid is still flowing smoothly, but there is a sudden drop in the fluid levels in the tank, it's most likely the gasket. A crack in the tank will result in a slow, constant leak, and the pump will cause a spray in a different direction only when the unit is engaged. Hope that helps.

Apr 13, 2011.