1996 Ford Taurus

I have a 1996 ford taurus and recently yesterday I left in the morning to go to work to start my car and it took me 3 times trying to start it once I got it started it ran fine all the way to work. When I left for work later on that day I went to start it and the same thing happend it didnt turn over the first time but the second time it did but I noticed the dash light on my radio came on very slowly and took a bit for it to get totally bright. I messed with it later on that day cleaning the terminals and checking the connectors and even the fuse box to see maybe if that was the problem, when I went to start it after that I still ran into the same problem but this time I noticed the rpm's didnt even read when it turned over and took about 30 seconds to engage and started bouncing back and forth. Now this morning I went to go try and turn it over and it turned twice and then stopped now I have nothing even when I turn the key no lights no clicking and no even the car trying to turn over I reckecked the battery and the connectors and they are fine. Also when I went to lock it and set the alarm my horn will beep pretty loudly and now when I set it its barley even honking. I am going to go down and have my battery checked to see if it is good if the battery is good what else could it be?
October 28, 2012.

Have the battery checked first. It may be a s simple as that


Oct 28, 2012.