1996 Ford Ranger

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1996 Ford Ranger 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 124000 miles

I spent close to $400.00 last year at this time to get my check engine light to go off. Each time something was replaced on the EGR system the light would always come back on after several miles driven. Finally the third time around replacing parts the engine light stayed off long enough to pass inpection. As I drove away from the station the engine light came on after 3 miles. It has stayed on for a year now. Each time someone checks it the reading is EGR Flow Insuffecient. Everyone is telling me to replace the EGR valve. This was the first thing I replaced last year. So now what to I do. I don't want to trade my truck. Everything about the truck engine has been great with very litte repairs done. I am a Ford person and always will be.
January 20, 2008.

Replace the o2 sensors. There should be 3, 2 in front of the converter and 1 behind it.

Feb 2, 2008.
I have 1996 Ford Ranger 4cyl and I am replacing the EGR valve tube. Little room to access for any kind of leverage. Any suggestion or special tool that may be available to get the job done.

Jan 7, 2012.
Make sure there isn't a build up of carbon in the intake.