1996 Chevrolet Blazer • 4.3L 4WD Automatic • 122,548 miles

This is what happen I was doing valve cover gaskets and I remember that there was noise like a ticking iv work on cars all my life so I thought look and see if any rockers was lose and was so I thought like old small block 350 chevy motor. So I gave it a little turn and it will go away well NO when I starterd it back up it missed bad so I shut it back down and losing them back up and now I cant get it to run at all it trys to start but wont iv done everything I can think of had lots of guys look it to make sure I ant over looking something and these guy have years on me when it comes to cars so now I don't know what to do iv got books after books and still get it so plzs help thanks [ its got fuel] [ its got firer ] iv even put it up number 1 fireing still no go
December 9, 2013.

Okay it sounds like you either have them too tight or too loose. How are you setting them? Are you using a gauge to determine the clearance between the rocker arm and the valve? Also, when you crank it, does it sound like there is a spark plug out (no compression in the cylinders?

Well I read one thing it say there is troque then I read that there is a 20 flb but yes I did both ways befor all this it run great and no it sounds like any other motor when I try to start it iv been looking for a web site to show something and I cant find anything for the rocker or heads

Dec 9, 2013.
Okay, I feel confident that is the problem. You need to back off the rockers and then readjust them using a feeler gauge to set the proper gap between them. If there is too little of a gap, chances are they will be too tight and cause a compression loss. If they are too loose, the valves may not open properly and get fuel/air into the cylinder for combustion.