1996 Chevrolet Beretta • 150,000 miles

The car startd up and drove fine till I tryd to go up my drive way its a hill and got half way up it and the car stopped pulling then pressed the gas some more and it died on me, backed down the hill got a run at it and it barley made it, went down the rd and the alternator belt belt broke so my brother drove it like 2 minutes down the rd without the belt on it and set it, put a new belt on and still wouldnt start so found out my battery was dead and wouldnt charge so I got a brand new battery still didnt start, it will turn over but not start. Someone said the belt might be to tight bc u cant move it with ur hands then someonelse said theres no such thing as it being to tight not sure whats wrong with it?
March 23, 2013.

The belt broke for a reason. Remove the belt and see if it starts.


Mar 23, 2013.