1995 Volkswagen Golf • 167,000 miles

So I bought this car and the guy I got it from said that it spit up coolant on the dist cap and started running funny so he parked it. I got a new dist and the fuel pump wasn't coming on when I turned the key on so I hot wired it. When I turn it over it still wont start. When you spray engine starting fluid into the intake it will fire so I know that its getting spark. There is fuel in the fuel rail but it doesn't seem to have the right pressure and the injectors don't seem to be opening to allow fuel into the cylinders. I checked all the fuses and relays they are all good. Help?
October 4, 2011.

Either the fuel pressure is too low (needs checked) or the injectors are not getting power. Check both and let me know what you find.

The injectors are getting power but I don't have a fuel pressure gauge. If the fuel pump is working why would it not be getting enough pressure? I read somewhere that there is a bunch of different variables in the fuel system like it has to have the right amount of oil and all these sensors have to be good in order for the fuel injection to work right. Is that true? What about the ecu?

Oct 4, 2011.
If the oil pressure drops off, it will shut the engine. As far as the pump, it could be running and not producing enough pressure or you could have a bad fuel pressure regulator. Most parts stores will lend or rent a gauge to you. You may want to check it.