1995 Saturn SC2 • 130,000 miles

I've noticed my car drinks oil pretty fast. I put a quart in about ehhhh ever 2-3weeks. Only signs I have noticed is the car smoking, but it rarely smokes. Today I noticed the smoke rapping around the tail end but, (it's snowing) would the moisture in the air cause this? Yesterday I put a PCV valve in, and i've drove 300ish miles sense, no oil drop yet. ALSO my car tends to jerk when accelerating (usually occurs in fourth gear (40-45mph). My car has a manual transmission. I have had people tell me it could be a blown head gasket, a burnt oil ring, and etc. And well I HOPEEEE that's not the case, if you need any additional details let me know.
February 16, 2013.

The coolant level is fine, have no problem with leaking water.
The car starts fine, and drives fine besides the little random jerk.(Like when u shift to high of a gear)
The cooling fan does not work, I turn ac on to over-ride this issue.
The car RARELY smokes.
And EVERY post I see it's always a gasket, or o-ring, or valve or w.E when ya'll hear (smoke)
Sense the smoke is very rare, why would one of them be the case?
(When it smokes) From my knowledge it's a faint white smoke
When it's cold is usually when I notice it, whats concerning me is how far it traveled today, I smelled it, it didn't have a smelll maybe a faint gas smell. But, until today I haven't really noticed smoke except on cold days but it is STILL concerning me, and I don't have the money to throw at a test kit, or mechanic. I'm suffering just going to college ATM.

Feb 17, 2013.
Let me try to explain something. If the engine is using oil, either it is leaking or burning. Now, what can cause it to burn oil could be worn rings, bad valve guide seals, a head gasket. As far as seeing smoke, if it is blue, then it is oil. If it is white, usually it is the result of a bad head gasket allowing coolant to make it into the combustion chamber.

Have you checked to see if there are any leaks? Have you seen blue smoke from the exhaust?

I don't have leaks, coolant levels fine. Oil has no water mixed with it. I'm not sure if it's the o-ring, i'll check the smoke again tomorrow & & update ya'll, if it smokes ty

Feb 17, 2013.
Just to add to this one the radiator fan not working unless you turn the ac on would scare me the most. Let the car idle and see if the radiator fan comes on at about 3/4 or a little past the 3/4 on the temp gauge?When I say a little past I mean just on the other side of the 3/4 mark line. If not replace the bottom coolant temp screwed into the head with a yellow wire and a black wire going to it. Also inspect the inside of the connector going to it if the terminals are green or blue instead of silver you will need a new connector also. As far as the oil consumption fill the oil up to the full level and drive the car 2,000 miles while watching the oil level if it only drops to the lower hash mark on the oil dip stick that's one qt low. One at in 2,000 miles is normal on those cars. As far as the jerking while driving do you have any codes or have you checked for codes in the computer?Also check the plugs and wires an the coil towers where the plug wires go on the coils for corrosion? Only use copper plugs in that car no platnuim ones.

Feb 17, 2013.