1995 Mercury Sable • 73,200 miles

My car won't move at all. The engine starts perfectly. The rpm goes up when I push the gas. But the car refuses to move. Can't reverse or drive. I can put any gear in without any problems. Everything seems to work fine just that the car won't move.
I bought is car a couple of month ago. After a month I had to change the starter so it is a new starter in it
Everything worked fine since then just that the car have always been having a problem with driving when the engine is cold. I have to wait like 15 seconds after I start the engine and put R or D in before the car will move at all. I feel a bump in the car then I know the car will move.
But now it will not move at all.
It is a automatic mercury sable 1995.

What can be the problem please help me

Thanks/ Simon
January 14, 2013.

Simon, have you checked the fluid to make sure it is clean and full? Have you checked the trans linkage to make sure it is actually shifting? Has the check engine light come on to indicate there is a problem?

I am not really good with cars so I haven't done anything of is things so far. What should I do first of all?

Allow the engine to warm up to operating temp and check the trans fluid level with the engine running and in Park. Let me know what you find.

Well the stick got nothing on it. It is dry.

The engine stick is also dry, but it got alittle on the end at least

Fill the trans up to the full line to see if that helps. Let me know if it helps. Remember, check the level with the engine running, warm, and in park

I just bought transmission fluid. Filled it with 950ml. Still same problem. Nothing happens