1995 Mazda MX3

My wife and I are both US Navy vets, near homeless (living in a campground) and I hope you'll answer this for free.
Our Mazda MX3 1995 1.6 L DOHC broke a timing belt. While replacing it I set timing marks by the best info available at the library. That was I lined up with E on the camshafts. That did not work as the intake and exhaust valves almost openned together.
I went old school and at TDC I set the intake about to open and the exhaust just closed on #1 cyl.
The car is running great but getting a lot of blue smoke.
I accidently overfilled the oil at first but corrected that, still smoking after running a long time.
Please advise as to the next step.
swordplay43@yahoo. Com
Tony Mahaffey
March 27, 2013.

We dont' have any info for a 323 but am sending a diagram for 2.0 l which is probably the same.

Mar 27, 2013.