1995 Ford Ranger

Can remove the oil pump on the 2.3 four cylinder without pulling the engine out
March 23, 2013.

2 or 4 wheel? Auto or std? We need more info

in most cases, it is easier to pull the motor.


Mar 23, 2013.
2 wheel auto

Mar 23, 2013.

1. Drain crankcase, then remove engine assembly from vehicle.
2. Position engine on a suitable engine stand with oil pan facing upward.

Fig. 16 Oil Pan & Gasket Assembly

3. Remove oil pan attaching bolts, then remove oil pan, Fig. 16.
4. If necessary, remove low oil level sensor assembly from oil pan.
5. Remove oil pump drive and pick up tube.
6. Clean oil pump drive and pick up tube assembly. Also clean oil pan gasket surfaces.

1. Install oil pump drive and pick up tube assembly.

Fig. 17 Oil Pan To Engine Block Sealant Application

2. Apply sealant F1AZ-19562-A or equivalent to positions shown in Fig. 17.
3. Position gasket to oil pan, then position oil pan and gasket to engine. Oil pan should be aligned and square with rear of engine, Fig. 16.
4. Install oil pan attaching bolts and tighten to 8-10 ft. Lbs.
5. If removed, install low oil level sensor.
6. Measure and adjust gap between rear surface of engine block and oil pan as follows: Fig. 18 Engine Block Rear Surface To Oil Pan/Transmission Bolt Pad Clearance Measurement

a. With oil pan installed, position a straight edge on rear surface of engine block and oil pan/transmission bolt mounting pads, Fig. 18.
B. Measure clearance between straight edge and oil pan/transmission bolt mounting pads. Clearance should be between 0 and 0.010 inch. If clearance is not within specified limit, install spacers of the required thickness to oil pan/transmission mounting bolt pads prior to installing engine to transmission. Spacers are available in thickness of 0.010 inch (yellow), 0.020 inch (green) and 0.030 inch (pink).
7. Replace oil filter.
8. Install engine and fill crankcase.

Mar 23, 2013.