1995 Ford Probe • 100,000 miles

When ever I would turn on my car at idle it was at 1500ish when it should be around 750. When ever I gave it gas the car would hesitate and I could hear the exhaust making a popping sound as if it was miss firing. Changed the distributor, spark plugs, wires, head and manifold gasket, camshaft senor and fuel filter. The car ran fine for a day then did the same, I thought the distributor was bad so I sent it back and got another one. Again, it ran fine. And today. A day later. It starting doing the samething. When I give it gas it makes a popping sound as if it was miss firing. I can hear a tish sound around where the distributor is, my dad touched the bottom of the distributor cap and it shocked him pretty bad. And he said it shouldn't and that the cap might be cracked but it's brand new. And when it was running fine for that day it was sucking way more gas then usual if that helps at all. I'm so sick of paying money and it not being fixed. Could it be a electric problem or what? Please help I'm 18, first car. And I don't have money to waste. The car is a probe gt 5speed
October 26, 2011.

Did you set the timing properly when you replaced the distributor? Or did you only replace the distributor cap? Was the ignition rotor replaced along with the cap?

Oct 27, 2011.
Yes the whole distributor was brand new, and the timing was set by a shop. This is why I am confused as to what it could be. Please help

Oct 27, 2011.
Check and clean the idle air control valve and the egr. Check the throttle position sensor. First thing with these newer cars like 95 and up you just don't throw parts at it hoping to fix it. You have it checked out by a pro if you don't know what you are doing. Check for a cracked coil tower and then check for a vacuum leak, get a can of choke cleaner and spray around throttle body and intake it will change rpms when or if there is one. To check for a bad coil, get a screwdriver with a plastic handle and only hold by the handle nothing else then touch it to the engine near the coil an pull plug wire and move screwdriver around the coil while cranking. If spark comes out anywhere other that the coil tower and that means straight out then you'll probably see the coil leaking someplace.

Jan 27, 2012.