1995 Ford Mustang • 64,000 miles

My car does not turn on, especially when it is cold. I just switched out the spark plugs and that kind of helped, but when its cold it seems to just crank and try turning on but it won't start. I tried turning it on this morning and it was about 19 degrees Fahrenheit today, yesterday morning I tried and it didn't start, but I tried it again when it was warm outside and it started on the first try. Also, when it does turn on it sort of struggles to stay on the first 5 seconds, as if it needed gas. So, I'm not sure if the car needs fuel injectors cleaned? Or needs a new fuel filter? Or maybe needs a new battery with better CCAs?

February 4, 2013.

Inspect and test the engine coolant temperature sensor and also check fuel pressure-Recommend you use an engine block heater

Feb 4, 2013.