1995 Ford Mustang • 236,000 miles

I have a 95 mustang, 3.8L V6. The air bag light on dash is (what I believe) blinking "32", check engine light is on and cooling fan isn't kicking on unless I turn A/C on. I don't know if any of these have anything to do w eachother, but was hoping someone can steer me in the right direction. Thank you, Jeanine
March 24, 2013.

Hello Jeanine
Great job providing information. Many times we don’t get the info we need.
Some may be connected. As for the check engine light, for free you can go to AutoZone or O’Reilly’s and ask them to check your codes and then make sure you get the exact number and let us know. This is a starting point for the fan.
On your air bag, I have attached what it should be doing during initial self-check. On your code, if you are correct on it being 35, that means low resistance or short in passenger side air bag circuit.
My suggestion here is first let’s clear the code and see if it returns. I have attached how to clear the codes also.

Mar 24, 2013.