1995 Ford Aspire • 101,000 miles

OK I've tested the relay and its good it has a new pump/filter/and regulator. I started diag on it and can't seem to get anywhere. I have power coming to the relay from main relay but the relay is not switching any ideas where to test or check I've also tested the inertia switch in rear and tested for continuity between all wiring on the fuel pump circuit no opens or shorts. Any ideas to make my life a bit easier

There should be 12 volts to the interia switch for 2 seconds with the key on. Test for this.

If not, then you have a control issue.

If you do, you may have a connection issue at the pump or a bad pump.


I will pay I just wanted to see how this service was before I started paying for answers

The pump is new. The pump relay has power to the coil side and power to the switch side the relay is just not switching. So there wouldn't be power at the inertia cause the relay is not connecting Tue circuit right? I think its a control issue where do I look for that or have any ideas?

The pcm grounds the relay to energize the pump for 2 seconds with the key on. Then when it cranks, it will turn it on full


So what would be the way to test that on my dvom? And if the controlling side is bad then the pcm would be the deliqeuint?

You need to probe the correct wire to see if the pacm grounds it. If it does not, make sure you check the crank sensor as this signal is used by the pcm for rpm signal


OK I will check . I can get the car to run if I manually engage The relay but if u touch the throttle past idle it stalls out. Do you know what wire I would check for that ground? There's only one wire that comes from the fuel relay to the pcm or do I have test it elsewhere?

You need to do a continuity test from the pump relay to the pcm to verfiy the wire.

Do you own a shop?


OK so test the continuity from the relay out to pcm in correct? There right next to each other so its very simple to test that wire. If the crank sensor was inop the. The car wouldn't run right cause that controls spark as well right. I have a shop but I build race cars not rally into repair work I am ase certified the problem is I do t have Mitchell or alldata that would make life a mill easier. I do appreciate all ur help I will be donating for the service I'm just at a loss here without alldata

I understand. Do you have a scan tool?