1995 Dodge Spirit • 4 cylinder FWD Automatic • 246,000 miles

95 dodge spirit. No reverse lights. Both bulbs are new. Fuse is good. Any thoughts? Thanks
January 26, 2011.

There are two diagrams in the link, with and w/o electronic transmission. The violet wire with black tracer is voltage for reverse lite. Black is ground. Check the applicable fuse, also check neutral switch.

Jan 26, 2011.
Hi guys. Here's an easy way to check the neutral safety switch. Turn the ignition switch on. You can leave the transmission in park. Unplug the switch at the front left corner of the transmission. There are three wires in a straight row. Connect the two outer wires with a stretched-out paper clip or cotter pin. Watch closely. If you see a tiny spark when you move the paper clip around, you know current is flowing and it has to be going to the backup bulbs. If you need further proof, run in back and look at the lights. They will be on. A defective switch is somewhat common and is a very inexpensive repair.


Jan 26, 2011.