1995 Dodge Dakota • 179,000 miles

This all started going up a mountain. The truck started skipping, then lost power. This happened five times on the same mountain, within a tenth of a mile from the top of the mountain. It did not matter how much gas was in it. I asked the mechanics professor at a local college of his opinion. He said the coil was probably bad. I changed all the wires, plugs and coil. The truck ran rough for a little while then great. I took the truck on a test drive back over the same mountain, the truck sputtered, lost power, ran well, then just died. Now it will not crank back. To me it smells like the gas is dead, although I just put it in. I am out of money and out of time. Please help.
November 9, 2012.

Check to see if you have spark and fuel to the engine. One will most likely be missing.