1995 Dodge Dakota • 230,000 miles

Ok I tried to buy a used pcm from the wrecking yard. The guy there told me if I got it I would have to go to dodge dealership and have it programed to my vin number. So I called the dealership and they told me they would not program a used pcm. Is there any where I can take it. Laid off right now barley making it. Thanks
June 28, 2013.

'95 models don't need to be programmed. You stick one in from the same size engine and all your problems will be solved.

Speaking of problems, those computers caused extremely little trouble. What problem are you trying to solve?

Jun 28, 2013.
Im not getting any spark at the ignition coil. There are two wires I took a voltmeter and on the orange wire I get constant power with the key on. But the other wire is grey and its supposed to flash as my buddy is turning it over. It only flashes for a minute then no flash. Could the plug that plugs into the ignition coil be bad, already checked the grey wire all the way to the ecm

Jul 1, 2013.
Sorry to leave you hanging. Been out for a week fighting a kidney stone.

Are you saying you do have spark for a minute, and if so I assume the engine runs during that time? If that's right, check the voltage on the positive terminal of the ignition coil after the engine stalls and won't restart. You will see 12 volts for just one second after turning on the ignition switch. What's important is it must come back during engine cranking. If it does not come back you won't have spark or injector pulses and the fuel pump won't continue running. The common causes of that are a failed crankshaft position sensor and a camshaft position sensor. Check the diagnostic fault codes to see if there is one related to either sensor. Either one can fail by becoming heat-sensitive and will work again when it cools down, but that applies more to the crank sensor.

Jul 4, 2013.